Repairing Teeth

Repairing Teeth

Here at Geographe Bay Dental we offer several different options for repairing your natural teeth:

White fillings

Dental fillings are used to repair worn, damaged or decayed teeth. They can also be used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth.

Crowns or Onlays

When replacing lost fillings, fixing broken teeth and restoring decayed teeth there is a limit to the strength and therefore the longevity of white fillings. When restoring a tooth with a large filling or restoration, other options for stronger restorations can be considered such as onlays or crowns.

Crowns cover the whole tooth and are shaped in a way which looks and feels natural and are made out of gold or porcelain.

Onlays are partial crowns and can be made from ceramic or gold. They are custom fitting fillings that use the existing tooth as a base.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal or endodontic treatment is a process whereby infected or dead tissue is removed from the inside of the tooth or root, allowing a tooth to be preserved.

A tooth’s nerve can become infected or inflamed if:

  • there is deep-seated and untreated dental decay
  • the tooth has experienced trauma
  • gum disease is present
  • there is a crack or chip in the tooth
  • there is extreme wear from habitual tooth grinding (bruxism)


A veneer is a thin layer made of porcelain that is used to cover the front surface of the tooth. They are designed to permanently enhance the appearance of stained, chipped, broken, or undesired teeth for aesthetic purposes only.