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";s:4:"text";s:4621:"You have seven vertebrae in your neck (cervical vertabrae). 5 Things That Happen After a Car Accident Breaks Your Skull. If a fracture destabilizes your neck, you may need to wear a halo brace. Technically you will not die,If you break your neck it could possibly paralyze you in some way due to the nerves running from your neck into your spine and arms and such,they could be damaged,but if you break it the wrong way you could die. If you break your neck, is it almost guaranteed you will die? your neck bone therefore is more than just bone. Yes a lot of people get paralyzed or die but well you may or may believe me on what i am about to say i guess it depends if you want to trust me but when i was 12 i broke my neck 2 bones in my neck but they were just inches away from my spinal cord and i didn't get paralyzed i can still walk but i have to take a lot of per-cautions i can't do any normal The Truth About Cracking Your Neck Is it harmful? That's why its essential to know the ... You injured your neck. What happens when you break your back? The odds are not on your side, but survival is possible. Download Why Do You Die When You Break Your Neck file type: mp3 - download Why Do You Die When You Break Your Neck bitrate: 320 kbps Full Album Kualitas HD. the bones in ur arm are just that, bone, no link to any other organ or part like what does it feel like, what do ... so much can happen broke my neck they had me go back to work Severing or severely injuring the spinal cord at this level will paralyze the diaphragm and keep you Article. In these situations, the individual may not And that's from a mere 30 feet up. What can you do if you slip off a scaffolding 10 stories above the ground, or find yourself free falling when your parachute fails? The area around the neck is referred to as the cervical area, which consists of seven bones located in the spinal column. If you often roll your head around to get relief from a stiff neck, think twice before doing it again| Kansas City chiropractic care for neck pain You could break your neck, for instance, and maybe die. How to Survive a Long Fall. Broken Neck: Types and ... How Do You Take Care of Your Cast? Breathing is controlled by nerves that come out above the third, fourth, and fifth vertebrae. up vote 36 down vote favorite 9 In a move often seen in action movies (very often! Thank you for visiting: If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, by Robert Fulghum from life Quotes and Sayings. your neck links ur brain and nerves to the rest of ur body, its what protects the spinal chord. [QUOTE="ferron321"]Yes, I suppose it is with some use of gravity. The angle of force at impact often determines the type and severity of the break. If you snap your neck from hanging yourself is that an automatic death sentence? Commonly joked about on sitcoms, this fact does actually happens to our bodies when we die. ... Why do you die instantly when your neck is snapped? Living With a Spinal Cord Injury - What Happens. This is a very scary question. A person can "break their back or neck" yet not sustain a spinal cord injury if only the bones around the spinal cord (the vertebrae) are damaged, but the spinal cord is not affected. So, if you get lucky and land on a softer surface, like a Dumpster with a few feet of soft fluffy trash to break your fall, you're still facing 1,500 pounds of force. A break of the neck or back doesn't always cause paralysisif people react to it correctly. Can it give you arthritis, or even a stroke? The bones also have a role in protecting the spinal cord from injury. The decrease in pump function happens incrementally, ... How do you die when the neck breaks? ... You can actually break your neck by landing on ... What would happen Please sign up on the form below to receive my Free Daily Inspiration - Daily Quotes email. As rigor mortis is affecting most of the body, some parts (sphincters, more accurately) are being loosened. What happens when you break your back? The negatives of falling down a flight of stairs are well-documented. Article. Dr. Killian responded: Breaking your Neck. ... What Happens When a Broken Bone Doesn't Heal Properly? ... Damage to the spinal nerves in the neck can cause paralysis of ... Next In Living With a Spinal Cord Injury ... broke my neck they had me go back to work ... What happens when you break a buddha statue? Or you might hit your head on the edge of a step, and go full-vegetable. Can you break a person's neck with a manual head twist? When a person breaks the neck, one or more cervical bones are usually broken, fractured or dislocated. 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