Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Child Dental Benefit Scheme

A balanced diet, healthy snacks, brushing and flossing each day and regular dental visits are the keys to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums and should start in the childhood years.

So why not take advantage of the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme which entitles your children to $1000 worth of dental treatment over a 2 year period.

Eligibility basics

  • children aged between 2 –17 years on any one day of the calendar year
  • receive, or their family, guardian or carer receives, certain government
  • benefits such as Family Tax Benefit Part A for at least part of the calendar year
  • are eligible for Medicare

Make an appointment with Geographe Bay Dental today and let them know you are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. If you aren’t sure of your eligibility we can easily check for you!